It’s Just Not Cricket

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Fun and Games in State Parliament

Some of you might know that Australia recently competed in and won, the World T20 cricket championship. They fielded a team who could play by the rules and, of course, obey the umpire’s decisions.

Not so with team SA Liberals. They not only refuse to walk when given out by the umpire but even worse, they threaten to take their bat and ball and go home for 5 months so that no-body can play at all!

If you had an employee who was accused of misbehaviour and then threatened to walk out and leave you in the lurch for 5 months, how long would it take you to sack him? Probably only about as long as it took Liberal MP Sam Duluk to switch sides and vote against his party’s motion to have a 5 month holiday.

All politicians must know that a reasonable belief that circumstances have created a risk that MAY influence a decision maker is enough to establish the perception of a conflict of interest. Actual influence on the decision is NOT  required.

The umpire raised his finger and said “on your way Ms Chapman, you’re out!” Not only is there the appearance of a conflict of interest, there is an actual conflict.”

The response? “No way, Jose. I’m not out and I’m staying here.”

But surely in the fine traditions of responsible government, the captain would have said ‘Come on, Vikki. Out is out.”

But no. Captain Marshall’s response was to say “let’s all go and hide under the bed for 5 months and maybe people will forget about the umpire’s decision.”

Really? Is that the best that we can expect from people who are paid by us to actually do a job of work? Have the notions of accountability, responsibility and culpability disappeared altogether. Are they hiding under the bed too?

These desperate acts of self-preservation serve the interests of no-one except those who commit them and its time that they were called out for trying it on.

We want people in power who understand what their role is, want to do their job and want to serve the public. If they don’t, then it’s time to head for the dressing room.

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  • Yvonne Lacey
    November 20, 2021

    I could not agree more Stephen. I was absolutely appalled that politicians who are after all paid from the public purse think they can just swan off and close parliament for five months. Are they afraid of what will happen next week when the borders open up again? Or are they afraid they are losing control?
    I am all for more women in politics but at the same time they need to be ethical and honourable. The honourable thing to do when you have been caught out doing the dishonourable is to walk away.
    I sincerely hope the voters realise we need more people like you in our government and that they get behind you.

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