Home Detention on Auto Pilot

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The alarming trend we are seeing in the very lenient sentences being handed down in our courts recently is a concern to victims and the general public alike. Faith in our legal system is a precious commodity and has not been under such threat since the disgraceful spectacle of then Attorney General Atkinson walking the streets of Adelaide apologising for a jury verdict. The legal system is not something that can be left to run on automatic pilot. It must be monitored by those with the responsibility of making it work for the people of South Australia. The people with that responsibility include politicians and non-politicians alike and, in particular, include the Attorney General. One can only think that the reason that the home detention provisions have been so poorly thought through is that not enough time was devoted to thorough analysis. If the Attorney General had nothing else to do than fulfil the responsibilities of a Law Officer, then it would be hard to see why we have been delivered such a problematic law. Given that our current Attorney General still insists on holding on to another 8 or 9 portfolios as well as that of A.G., the only surprising thing is that our laws get any political consideration at all. Surely this State deserves better than one ninth of an A.G.

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