Global Pariah

The Catholic church is fast becoming a global pariah.

In an extraordinarily self-righteous pronouncement, the church announced that is going to ignore the findings of the Royal Commission and will flaunt the laws in SA requiring the reporting of any admissions of child sexual abuse. Presumably they already adopt the same attitude in relation to those who admit employing domestic violence in their daily activities.

How dare this bloated, self indulgent institution presume the right to expose our women and children to lives of continuing hell. Such a cruel and misguided approach is reflected in the words of the Administrator of the Archdiocese of Adelaide, Port Pirie Bishop Greg O’Kelly, that the law ‘does not affect us’, and vividly shows how irrelevant this cabal populated by sexual deviants all over the world has become, to what is meant to be a religion of concern for one’s fellow man, woman and child.

I call on our leaders to enforce the laws that apply to all of our citizens, not just to non-Catholics.

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