With Friends Like These …

John Howard’s disgraceful comments that Pell’s convictions for raping and molesting children doesn’t change his opinion of Pell at all, are clearly the ramblings of an individual who is struggling for relevance and has lost touch with reality.

For Tony Abbott to express similar support, once again confirms that he has lost the capacity, if he ever had it, to empathise and that his strident religious beliefs prevent him from viewing social and moral issues in Australia through anything other than his distorted lenses.

How is it possible for two former Prime Ministers of this country not to understand that their support of Pell in this way is like spitting in the face of these and every other victims of sexual crimes?

Either they don’t accept the jury’s verdicts, which would reveal a total disdain for our legal system or they do accept the jury’s verdicts but disregard them in relation to Pell. If that is their attitude, then it clearly reveals elements of their character that would cause most Australians to be sickened and disgusted.

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