Mine’s Bigger Than Yours

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If the first few weeks are anything to go by, this election seems to have been reduced to a slanging match between the clown and the headmaster.

The clown has nothing else to say other than ‘beware the bogey man’ and the headmaster has nothing else to say other than ‘the clown isn’t funny any more’.

When did we get duped into accepting the reduction and trivialisation of our election process as a fight between two men? Is the media’s need for personality clashes the reason why we have accepted their categorisation of the process as a presidential style contest?

In allowing themselves to be backed into the corner of a man against man contest, the Labor Party has made a serious tactical error. Not because Morrison is any great shakes, but because the coalition is a vulnerable, male dominated empty shell.

In our system we do not vote for a Prime Minister we vote for a party to govern us. The LNP knows that if each member of their untalented team was matched individually against their ALP counterparts for public appraisal, they would lose in a landslide. That’s why they keep the likes of Dutton, Abbott, Joyce, the Turnbull assassins and others well hidden from public view and why we are offered no ministerial debates to assess the caliber of the competitors for high public office.

Let the winner of this election be the party with the finest people with the best policies for our nation and not the individual who more ably jumps through the hoops of what has become a distorted media event.

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