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What I care about

South Australia is a wonderful place to live – clean air, good food and wine, little traffic, great tourist spots. Sometimes we take those things for granted and when we do it is easy to forget that some of our neighbours are doing it tough, very tough. We sometimes overlook the fact that there are many things about our community that we can and should do better on. What I care about are problems that we absolutely can do better on including the following –

I want us to :

  • look after the vulnerable and the violated
  • provide justice for all, not just the few
  • remove power from those who abuse it

Don’t you?

Here’s How:

  • change the proof laws in rape trials
  • repair domestic violence laws, so fewer women are hospitalised and children made orphans
  • revamp the justice system, so it’s affordable and accessible for all
  • ensure the state’s elderly are treated as first class citizens, with rigorous scrutiny of every state-run aged-care facility, and increased sanctions against offending owners and staff
  • overhaul the health system, so it’s led by medical professionals, not empire-building bureaucrats
  • return integrity and honesty to Parliament. We need to make the bastards honest, including by creating a genuine ICAC that doesn’t bow to special interests
  • remove tax concessions from wealthy institutions and charities when they abuse our children and destroy lives
  • reform the education system, so every child has equal opportunity, whatever their background or ethnicity

How can I support this initiative?

Now is an exciting time to be a Change Maker in South Australia. Next March, you can help tip the balance of power in the Legislative Council, by voting for Stephen Pallaras who is planning to run as your Real Change SA Candidate. (Currently awaiting registration from the Electoral Commission.)

  • Are you passionate about safety for women and making effective changes to Domestic Violence Laws?
  • Do you believe in real change so that more rapists are tried and convicted?
  • Are you sick of watching our health system collapse?
  • Are you worried about the safety of your friends and relatives in care?
  • Are you fed up with all the lying, the cheating, the corruption?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then please support Stephen Pallaras in his bid to enter our State Parliament. Join Real Change SA, the movement started by Stephen Pallaras, SA’s former Director of Public Prosecutions.

You can help by:

  • building and leading teams of other volunteers to talk to voters
  • forming neighbourhood or regional teams to help us reach local voters
  • joining our recruitment team, to help build our movement
  • organising our events and getting involved with fundraisers
  • staffing the polling booths on 19 March 2022 for Real Change SA


  • is deeply passionate about creating change.
  • has great organisational skills, and can work to deadlines.
  • can commit to 3 hrs a week, and more on Polling Day!
  • works independently on a range of varied tasks and projects, yet
  • loves working in a team for a common cause.


  • training in community organising skills and best practices
  • meeting an amazing group of committed volunteers from your local community
  • making an impact on bringing about Real Change for South Australia

Send your details to

How do I support this initiative?

Step 1: Complete the Real Change SA Membership Form below – either on your computer by completing the PDF or Print it then move onto step 2.

Please send the completed and signed membership form to writing clearly in capital letters, signing clearly, and with your full name and address as enrolled on the electoral roll.

Your name and address may held by the Electoral Commissioner on a confidential basis, as provided by subsection 46B(1) of the Electoral Act.

Step 2: Submit your completed Real Change SA Membership form SHOWN ABOVE and either:

  • Email it to


  • Complete the form below and attach the PDF (using the upload button below):

Real Change SA Form Submission

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